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Tejano Ranch Radio is an online radio station co-based out of San Antonio Texas and Atlanta Georgia. With the goal of crossing state lines and eliminating genre barriers, Tejano Ranch Radio aims to provide a unique platform for Tex-Mex Country artists to showcase their talents. Although Tex-Mex music is mostly known for its Texas origins, the platform at Tejano Ranch Radio will show that Tex-Mex music doesn’t have limits on where it is created and where it is enjoyed.  Listen Live Now!

Supporting Tex-Mex Country Music

The idea of Tejano Ranch Radio was created in early 2022 by Cris Medina (Music Recording Artist) and Aaron “Tex” Gonzales (Owner of Tex Sound Music). After a discussion about Tex-Mex Country Music, both agreed that there was a lack of support for the growing Tex-Mex Country market. They felt that Tex-Mex Country artists were often not given a platform to showcase their talents in the genre.

Texas stations weren’t often supportive and Country stations were not accepting this addition to the genre. Many traditional Tejano’s (Spanish term meaning Texas Natives) and Country stations would not play or support the music since it did not fit in their particular box. And this helped create division and further separation within the Tejano and Country genres. But this is where Tejano Ranch Radio will change that. We vow to embrace our Tejano and American Country roots and not set state lines where Tex-Mex Country Music can be created and enjoyed.

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EZ Cin

EZ Cin, AKA Chris Saucedo is a San Antonio native

Rebecca Valadez

Rebecca Valadez is a Latina singer, actress, and former member of the Tejano group, Mazz.

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